Shikoku Karst: Cow-Walking – A bovine companion, a new outlook on
the cycle of life. –

The Shikoku karst is considered one of Japan’s three major karst landscapes.
A 1,400m-elevation landscape of limestone and expansive meadows where cows are put out to pasture, tremendously popular as a feature of summer.

Did you realize the cows here are actually beef cattle?
Mezuru Farm serves the role of taking charge of cows from throughout Ehime prefecture from spring through fall, assisting with calving and raising the cows to be sent to market.

This is a program for learning about the cows and accompanying one
on a walk to learn lessons about life as well.

Program Flow

1 Check in at the Rental Cycle Station

Visit the Rental Cycle Station next to Mezuru-sō Inn for check-in.
Be sure to have check-in taken care of 10 minutes before cow-walking starts.

2 Head to the cowshed

Participants should make their way to the cowshed in their individual bicycles. The cowshed can be reached a very short distance from the check-in location.
* Points to note before entering the cowshed: Please come wearing footwear you won’t mind getting dirty and clothes that are easy to work in. Be sure to always follow the instructions of staff in interacting with the cows. All small children must be accompanied by parents or guardians, please.

3 Learn about the work of a cowhand

Lend an ear to what cattle raiser Mr. OZAKI has to say while you see the cows for yourself in person.
What kind of cows are these that are being raised here on the Karst?

4 Go for a walk with a cow

Take a walk through the karst accompanied by a staff member and a real live cow.

5 Take a photo portrait

Pose for a commemorative photo. Don’t forget to share on social media.

Event Snaps

Event Details

  • To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the event has not yet been decided.
  • Once the date and time of the event have been decided, we will announce it here.
30〜45 mins per time
Shikoku Karst Rental Cycle Station (Next to Mezuru-sō Inn)
[google map]
Event Program
& Schedule
① Experience performing the work of a cowhand in the cowshed
② Taking a cow on a walk through the karst
(Tax included / Includes souvenir)
From 1 person up
Kumakōgen-chō Tourism Association
※Same-day reservations accepted