Omogo-kei gorge:
River platforms & cider
- Leisure play, accented by waters of emerald green. -

The Omogo-kei gorge, one of the largest in all Shikoku, offers a range of unique scenic views with its granite composition. Known as the headwaters of the Niyodo-gawa river as well, featuring the highest water quality in Japan,
its waters sparkle on their surface in emerald green.

For a limited time in season, raised platforms are set up in the river in front of the massive and curiously-shaped Kamebara (“Tortoise Belly”) cliff at Goshikigawara (“Five-Colored Riverbed”) at the entryway
to the gorge.
The view of Kamebara from a platform in the river where you recline,
sipping a glass of Omogo Cider is unbeatable!
Those with enough time are encouraged to give canyoning a shot too!

Program Flow

1 Peruse the photos exhibited at Keisentei Omogo-chaya

Entries to the annual Omogokei Photo Contest are exhibited here.
Get to know the different faces the Omogo-kei gorge displays over the course of the four seasons.

2 Pick up some cider

Buy some blue-tinged cider where it’s offered for sale next to Keisentei.

3 And now! To the river platforms

Try having a seat on a river platform set up in the river.
Watch your step to make sure you don’t slip!

4 Take a photo portrait

Try posing with a glass of cider in hand just like in the poster.
A photogenic look, no doubt! Don’t forget to share on social media.

5 Have fun in the river

Enjoy some river recreation in crystal clear waters!
Have a swim, if you like, or take a stroll along the walkway.

Event Details

  • 9/27 (Sun) & other dates
  • ※Other dates will be announced online as soon as they are determined.
In front of Kamebara in the Omogo-kei gorge
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Event Program
& Schedule
10:00 - 16:00
Omogo Cider: ¥550 (Tax included)
From 1 person up
Kumakōgen-chō Tourism Association